Lyophilisation Services


Lyophilisation Services

Lyophilisation or freeze drying is the process of water removal to reserve perishable materials and extend their shelf life. It is the best method for preserving heat-sensitive materials like tissues, proteins, microbes, pharmaceuticals, and plasma. Lyophilisation typically comprises three stages: Freezing, first drying, and second drying. At Aral Research, backed with cutting-edge capabilities, we identify the fastest and most robust lyophilisation process cycle to minimise production costs. We also offer customised lyophilisation services, so whether you want a lyophilisation process for your product formulations or want to enhance the existing process, Aral Research has got you covered.

Lyophilisation Service

Aral Research stands out in the industry by offering lyophilization or freeze-drying services for compounds that are thermally unstable and can degrade at room temperature. Our unique approach involves the removal of water from products that are no longer chemically or biologically active, thereby stabilising the assays that comprise heat sensitivity. We analyse your formulations to determine their characteristics and temperature to design an optimal, cost-effective, and efficient lyophilisation process. With our expertise, we have helped our valuable clients lyophilise API , natural products and drugs.

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Lyophilisation Service

Lyophilisation is suitable for biologics, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, proteins, and other heat-sensitive materials that need long-term storage.

Some compounds incompatible with lyophilisation are formulations with high glycerol or salt, highly hygroscopic, and amorphous substances.

Lyophilisation helps preserve the integrity and activity of sensitive materials, extend shelf life, and reduce products' weight to make them easy to transport and store.

The duration of the lyophilisation process varies depending on the sample and specific cycle parameters. It can take anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Some quality control measures include in-process monitoring of temperature and pressure, moisture content analysis, stability testing, and inspection for physical integrity.

Aral Research offers custom lyophilisation cycle development tailored to the client's specific needs and ensures optimal preservation and efficiency.

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Aral Research committed to providing with the highest level of service and qualitative analytical data to our client. Our team of experts takes pride in staying up to date with the latest techniques and methodologies, and we are dedicated to providing innovative and efficient analytical solutions to meet your research needs.

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ARAL RESEARCH provide qualitative analytical data with proper interpretation to help you with your research needs. We specialize in characterization reports that utilize various analytical techniques such as Mass, LCMS, HPLC, and NMR. We are proud to offer customized reports tailored to your specific research requirements.